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glatt pastries!

A few days ago I picked up a burger and a salad at that American institution on Emek Refai’m, and while I was waiting for the guys behind the counter to slab some Chimichurri on the burger I was looking around and what did I see? A GLATT pastry shop. I was quite amused.

Glatt, which means as much as smooth in English, usually refers to a higher standard of kashrut in meat, meaning that the animal’s lungs have checked for their glatt (smooth) surface during slaughter. Pastry tends to be lung-free and hence cannot be glatt by definition. First I thought this was a case of the constantly escalating “I can outfrum you!” competition  but now I think that “glatt” has come to denote the same meaning as  “kasher lemehadrin” which means, basically, superkosher. If you go to a glatt restaurant, you can rest assured that your meat will be glatt, the veggies Gush Katif, that all your food will have been cooked by an observant Jew and that a mashgiach, a kashrut supervisor, is always on the premises.  With the advance of food technologies, people are becoming  more and more stringent. There was the scandalizing NY drinking water, now, as a friend reported, there are OU approved mandarines in the stores, the sticker right next to the bar code identifying the fruit’s origin.

Glatt then means super-kosher, meaning that even harmless pastries can acquire a status thata petit four usually cannot aspire to.