Religion today

For a map of world religions go here.

President Obama “10 Questions: Religion in America”:

Religion in the military. Faultline, al-Jazeera English, 25 June 09

The Simpsons & religion:


One response to “Religion today

  1. The Examiner, a newspaper based in Washington, t ouches on the controversial issue of separation of church and state in its article stating the newfound constraint on decorations in the state capitol during the winter months. This ruling which allows only a non-denominational holiday tree and the freedom of private religious displays outside the state capitol limits was brought about by the eruption of chaos due to the previous year’s allowance of the raising of symbols related to multiple religious affiliations. The problem arose through the question of what displays were appropriate for the state capitol to endorse and what were not. Also, the clashing of contrasting religions such as Catholicism and Atheism in such close quarters was causing conflict whereas freedom of expression cannot be denied, especially in a building that enforces it. The original purpose of allowing the multiple religious presentations such as the Nativity scene and Atheist signs was to serve as an attempt for the state capitol to be viewed as unbiased in a religious aspect, but the question is whether or not they went too far.
    The relevance of this article in Religious Studies is undeniable due to its explanation of the result of conflicting viewpoints in society. It gives us the option to choose a side either with government control of religious controversial situations or with freedom of expression in any scenario with the backlash of religious intolerance. It teaches us the fine line in the separation of church and state and how we may be able to recognize it or create our own opinions on where it should be drawn. My expectations for Religious Studies are outlined in this article through the results of the intermixing of opposing religious affiliations.

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