girl reading the Qur'an

  • Quran.com: 6 English and 19 non-English versions
  • Allah’sQuran.com: word by word translation, commentary, recitation, search…
  • Tanzil.info: the translation appears when you move your mouse over a verse.




  • SearchQuran.net:  search by sura (eg. 1, 2:25-35), or an English, Arabic, or phonetic term (eg. ‘bismillahi alrahman’).
  • SearchTruth.com:  in addition to common features, you can search in different languages


  • AlTafsir.com from Aal al-Beit in Amman, Jordan, with many commentaries in English.

Want to memorize the Qur’an?

  • Reciter.org Configure the number of the times the verse has to be recited, the length of the pause, etc.


  • Sultan.org: if you speak Arabic, this website has even more resources for you!

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