Dodi li

I have written a few lines about this verse in an earlier post. Today,I would like to quote this article that talks about the verse’s special meaning for the month of Elul.

Tradition Today: A time of love

by REUVEN HAMMER, Jerusalem Post of August 6, 2010

‘I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.’ The Hebrew of this verse from Song of Songs (6:3) – ani ledodi vedodi li – has been understood to be the acronym of Elul, the name of the month that begins this coming week. Following the midrashic interpretation of Song of Songs, in which the two lovers are seen as representing God and Israel, this verse describes the intimate relationship between God – the Beloved – and the people of Israel. According to this understanding, the entire month of Elul is dedicated to strengthening the closest, most loving possible relationship between ourselves and God.

Elul, of course, is the month immediately preceding Rosh Hashana. There is something strange and paradoxical about using that verse describing love as characterizing the month leading up to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the Days of Awe, the time of divine judgment. Fear and trembling would seem more appropriate.  More…]

I love schmaltz so here’s a particularly dripping version:

There is also a lovely version by Peter, Paul, and Mary, but I have not found it online.


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